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A few weeks ago I called on a prospective client.  I had just recently begun processing for the business next door.  I told my prospective client, “I don’t do this every day, but I just saved your neighbor 35% on their credit card processing fees.” 35% is pretty big.  I wanted to communicate that those kinds of savings are possible, even if they don’t happen every day. And then I  [ Read More ]

I was recently talking with a  dentist who said, “you know Clark, I’ve got a good rate.” I asked, “What’s your rate?” He said 1.34%. I said, you’re with Costco aren’t you? Dentist: “How’d you know? Me: “Because that’s what they advertise.  Do you have a statement handy though?” The merchant got out a recent statement and I explained to him that while Costco advertises 1.34%, he only get’s that  [ Read More ]

Have you called your Merchant Services Customer Support lately? Been on-hold? Still on-hold? Tried to understand the person you’re talking to? Can you say “outsourcing.” I know it’s a little gimmicky, but often when I’m talking with a prospective client I find who their current processor is and ask if we can call them real quick using the merchants phone.  I put that on speaker and let the music start  [ Read More ]

I hear all the time how merchants are processing through their Point of Sale (POS) Software.  Many POS systems have a default processor for credit card transactions. That doesn’t mean you can’t switch processors. If you have a PC, it likely came with Internet Explorer as a pre-set internet browser.  That does not mean you can’t download and use FireFox as your Internet browser. I have a Mac.  It came  [ Read More ]

One of the main factors in determining the rate on any credit card transaction is the risk involved.  What’s the fraud risk?  What are the chances that a purchase is being made with a stolen credit card? The more you mitigate that risk the lower rate you’ll pay.  (Assuming your processor has you set up on a fair pricing structure that allows you to take advantage of the fact that  [ Read More ]