Shift Processing Reviews 2023

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Shift Processing Reviews 2023

High-risk merchants seldom find something unique and ‘free’ offered. Have you ever heard of Shift processing? We won’t keep you guessing and dive into Shift processing reviews 2023. Shift Processing is a payment solutions service provider. They are industry-first in many ways: Zero Fee processing, Zero swipe fee, and Zero batch fee. We may have been saying zero too many times, but it adds to your savings every time you read it. Or every time the customer pays using a credit card in your store or on your site. High-risk merchants would have a hard time believing it. That’s why the reviews.

You don’t pay a monthly credit card processing fee. And yes, there are no multi-year contracts. We hear financial liberty in the middle of all of this. Are you a high-risk business owner? Start saving money on every transaction with Shift. We don’t say you don’t compare it with other merchant services. Begin with Shift processing reviews to know what other merchants are saying. 

Shift Processing Reviews 2023: Think Beyond Savings and Set-up Costs

Shift Processing Reviews 2023 talks about the pain points and solutions. The no-processing fee catches your attention. The first thing that comes to mind is how they eliminate the processing fee. They add a minor service fee to every card transaction. You keep the profits and make more revenue. There is another surprise. You receive free terminals. You don’t even pay for shipping. You don’t need more convincing. Visit the official site. 

Is there a catch? A high-risk merchant would always have doubts as they pay enormous hidden fees. They have bitter experiences of operating in a high-risk domain. On top of that, service providers have hard-to-read and understand language in contract agreements.

We at Your Merchant Services Rep recommend checking all aspects and not pinning hope on no processing fee. Find your rights and wrongs and make a business-first decision. They have targeted one of the complex and bittersweet truths of the industry. You should call the team and discuss business requirements. They claim to offer tailored-made deals to help you dominate in your sector. 

Shift processing is popular among CBD high-risk merchants for industry-specific solutions. They take pride in serving the targeted audience with quality services and seamless transaction experiences. Remember, CBD products are not just high-risk. Federal and state authorities keep a close eye on merchants. We also recommend checking High Risk merchant account as they are another leading service provider in the industry. Small and mid-sized businesses have more flexibility in getting customized payment solutions for a change. The company claims to have a branded line of hardware and software products. 

Shift Processing Reviews 2023: Transparency Issues Impede Growth

Shift processing has made a name for itself. What irks businesses is the lack of information and transparency issues. A retailer in a high-risk business expects some form of assurance to make up its mind. They find the zero fee processing, no administration, and no annual charges appealing. It was fine till here. They feel lost when they look deeper into other aspects and find nothing substantial. It leaves them looking for clues. They do not want to have guesswork. The prospect of saving money looks impressive. But at what cost?  

Challenge 1: Crucial Information Missing

Shift Processing Reviews 2023 embarks on the not-so-popular aspects. The site misses crucial information related to products and services. In other words, merchants could benefit from detailed information. Take public pricing, for example. Entrepreneurs don’t find the idea exciting to discuss business requirements and wait for custom quotes. They need more clarity on pricing to make the first call. 

Challenge 2: Contract Length and Termination Fee in Dark

The site highlights the rolling month-based contracts. There is no more information about that. One crucial aspect missing from the site is the termination fees. Merchants should check Shift Processing Reviews 2023 to learn what people say about it. 

Shift processing offers a lackluster experience. Merchants feel tempted to fill out the form. They feel hesitant the next minute after finding key pieces missing from the site. It proves an average experience as they want more transparency and an upfront approach. High-risk merchants look for trust. They may open the website and spend time exploring, but do it out of curiosity rather than having realistic hope. 


Your Merchant Services Rep expects the team to address these issues. The visitors enter your site with a lot of expectations. Leaving back with mixed emotions makes them think of your brand as a third or fourth choice.


Shift Processing Reviews 2023 reflect on positive and underperforming aspects of the site. Having zero fee processing and no other set-up costs sounds convincing. You open the website to learn a bit more about the brand. What happens next? You find key pieces of information missing. You don’t have a clue. You can’t think of any other reason except the brand doesn’t want you to know it. All good work goes down the drain.