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Since they enable business owners to handle transactions in many currencies, offshore merchant account have proven to be the most effective way to collect money from foreign customers.

Therefore, via this write-up, we will have a deeper understanding of what an offshore merchant account is, the paperwork needed for it, how to apply for one, whether we qualify for one, and many other things related to it.

Offshore merchant account: What exactly?

• A merchant account is considered to be offshore if the acquiring bank or offshore payment processor is located somewhere other than the business’s headquarters.

For instance:- If a US firm creates a European account for the purpose of processing payments, the US corporation would view the European account as being offshore.

• Both international and offshore merchant accounts are equivalent. The main contrast is that merchants looking for offshore merchant accounts are often categorized as high-risk by US acquiring banks.

• International merchant accounts are used by both high-risk and low-risk merchants who want to take advantage of the growing growth of international e-commerce.

• Due to their location in nations with no tax laws, these accounts also provide tax advantages.
The industries best suited to benefit from opening an OMA, offshore merchant account are adult amusement, online drugstores, casino games, sportsbooks, electronic money, imitation goods, tobacco products, travel-based businesses, and pharmaceuticals.

Offshore merchant account: How to qualify?

• Making sure your existing merchant account is an OMA may be crucial depending on the nature of your offshore firm.
This part might be relevant, for example, if your company engages in internet commerce or accepts payments from any country, such as the United States, Germany, or Europe.

• Not all sellers fall into these categories, though, as even small businesses may need these options for their own particular reasons, such as accepting credit card payments from customers who live abroad and need stronger fraud protections than those currently offered by conventional local financial institutions.

Offshore merchant account: Applying

• Applying for an international merchant account is free and comes with no commitment. You must, however, register and submit the required documentation.

• The minimum monthly transaction for an OMA should be $50,000. Additionally, a qualified account manager will help you with the application process.

• Here, you want to get approval as fast as you can. And for less money. It also has a respectable contract.
Within 6-8 working days, your request for an OMA will be approved. Additionally, the whole registration file can be accessed from this site.

Offshore merchant account: Are documents required?

The following paperwork is required to continue the process of opening an offshore merchant account:

An SSN, Social Security Number, and/or an EIN, Employer Identification Number.

3 months’ worth of financial records.

Chargebacks should be less than 2 percent.

A government-authorized document, such as a driver’s license.

A canceled check

If needed, 3 months of the latest transaction statement

A reliable and secure website. As long as there is a working website in a development platform, it is generally fine if the site has not yet been deployed.

We are aware of how challenging it can be to find the ideal OMA. It’s likely that you have already been turned down if you have run a high-risk business and tried to get approved for an international or foreign credit card transaction service.

Offshore credit card processing: what and why?

• An offshore credit card can be simply defined as a credit card that is issued by an overseas financial institution that may be located anywhere in the world but not in your country of residence.

• Similar to that, offshore credit card processing is a type of merchant account service offered by a company located abroad that enables customers to sign up for services and then pay for them using a credit card. Payments made in this manner are secure and safe.

• An OMA’s job is to carry out international business transactions for your company. With the addition of credit card processing, your business’s potential to expand is quickly increased.

• Since it is safe to begin accepting payments from abroad. This benefits the clients as well because it makes it simple for them to pay you, and it also makes it simple for you to take payments.

Offshore credit card: Importance


It is typically advised to accept new technologies and learn to utilize them alongside the current approach in order to provide the finest service when using both the old and the new payment methods.


The creators of this form of payment method work diligently to keep things simple for their consumers and to stay on top of the rapidly evolving payment methods.


• Customers prefer to use credit cards to make purchases, especially at cafés, stores, and other retail establishments where network providers are required to provide a means of payment for their patrons. Credit cards and other electronic payment options are also available to customers.

• Systems for international credit cards enabled businesses to accept electronic payments in a variety of currencies. This payment method eliminates the hassle of cross-border transaction inconsistencies.

• It extends the business’s reach internationally by accepting less popular or widely used payment cards.

• For the benefit of the businesses or network operators, these services must be accessible online or over the phone.
The company must make sure that the payment platform it chooses supports secure transactions through secured gateways and credit card handlers.

What is multi-currency payment processing?

• When a business accepts credit card payments from customers using foreign currencies, this form of payment processing is carried out.

• Therefore, you participate in multi-currency processing if your business bills customers in several currencies. It entails a challenging configuration of numerous international currencies for billing.

• For instance, you could charge customers in CAD, EUR, USD, AUD, NZD, and GBP, allowing you to draw customers from all the major English-speaking nations.

Multi-currency payment processing: Benefits

√ Marketing Advantages:

• To turn a potential customer into a real paying customer, you must build trust, allay any anxieties the customer may have, and give him or her a compelling reason to work with you.

• There are many difficulties in turning prospects into customers. not just in terms of currency, but also in terms of other difficulties. But once you get beyond them, it will all be worthwhile.

√ Administrative benefit:

• There are currently a number of administrative issues, each of which is unique to each firm. Multi-currency processing has proven to be advantageous administratively in a number of situations.

• You receive strategic advantages that are unique to each organization when you have the ability to function in foreign currencies.
You must investigate and determine how these advantages can aid in the expansion of your firm.

√ Commercial benefit:

• Multi-currency processing offers many cost advantages in the commercial sphere. especially when a business has implemented like-to-like agreement payment processing.

• It should be highlighted that achieving cost-effectiveness is not always simple because significant savings call for a carefully thought-out business structure.
But once that is accomplished, your company would flourish financially.

~ Offshore merchant account: Terms and conditions

Depending on where the acquisition bank is located, OMA fees vary. The majority of offshore banks offer affordable rates, particularly to high-risk, high-volume firms.
The volume of completed transactions affects how quickly international credit card transactions settle.

Large corporations have access to daily settlements, whilst small offshore commercial accounts may only receive a few settlements per week or once per month. Every country has a different exchange rate.

For instance, European exchange rates are less expensive than American exchange rates, yet European charges are equal to American charges.

When you have clients present in the same space as your acquiring bank, OMAs are known to save you money on transactions.

When an OMA is located in Europe, for instance, processing fees for transactions through European banks will be lower than those for transactions through US banks.

Card declines are the major factor to take into account for an offshore transaction. The financial institution’s view of cards as a tool for advancing international transactions varies.

The percentage of declined cards may rise as a result. It all depends on the country’s rules and where the acquiring bank is located.

Offshore merchant account: ADVANTAGES

There are various advantages of opening an offshore merchant account, here are some of them:


You can accept payments online using a variety of ways thanks to it. Additionally, you can receive money through mobile apps. As an alternative, batch submissions can be used to manage large orders.


Financial firms involved in mergers and acquisitions can be found anywhere. Additionally, international merchant accounts lessen the risk of transactions.


You will be helped in identifying winning bids by rules and features that can be adjusted. and rejecting undesirable ones. You will be protected from all types of fraudulent scenarios with such characteristics.


The quickest method to increase sales is this one. given that it recognizes more than 50 different currencies. Additionally, a variety of currencies are accepted for payment.

√ FINANCIAL MODE LEVEL 1 (PCI-DSS certification):

The strictest payment processing security requirements are met or exceeded. Level 1 security will also protect your business and its clients.


With endless recurring payment plans, consumers will find it simpler to keep making purchases.


Applications from companies with a high level of risk are encouraged.

~ Offshore merchant account: SUMMARY

• High-risk business owners that set up offshore merchant services have a safe way to take payments. To protect the company’s liquidity, you may also have access to exclusive credit. Additionally, offshore merchant accounts do not have volume restrictions.

• It is advised to contact our qualified specialists at Odint Consultancy to learn more about the process of setting up an offshore account if you want to have a flawless and simple process of opening an offshore merchant account.

To get more information about offshore merchant accounts contact “Your Merchant Services Rep“.

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