Network Merchant Inc

Network Merchant Inc, formerly Creditcall Communications Limited, was founded in 1996, is a payment service provider and payment gateway which provides processing for high risk merchant accounts. It has high level of customization and allows multiple modes of payment.

NMI Payment Gateway Features

It is a leading payments processing company that offers complete commerce enablement from a single platform, but unlike other payments processing companies, it doesn’t entertain merchants but rather provides it’s service to ISV’s, ISO’s and fintech innovators who are looking to create new money source by providing to its customers.

Some of its unique features are:

• Modular and customizable: NMI’s is a highly modular platform which allows ISV’s to find the exact component they want, it also provides you fraud detection and mobile payment app features, and also white label the product as per brand guidelines.

• Dashboard and reporting: NMI provides detailed dashboard of their transactions, regardless of sales. It also provides insights into customers behaviour and trends.

• Tokenization: NMI provides single token security of buyer’s payment information in a unified token vault, this reduces the risk as the ISV’s don’t have to save customers information directly.

• Multiple payment methods: NMI provides variety of payment methods, which includes mobile, in-store, online and self service transactions. It also integrates payment applications into your device.

• Highly flexible: NMI’s are both device and OS agnostic.

NMI’s API Integration:

It offers multiple options to integrate payments into ISV’s software solutions. It also offers mobile SDK’s for to integrate payments into iOS and Android apps. It also offers Stax Mobile SDK integration in iOS and Android. You can develop fully customisable payment form using Stax.js JavaScript library which enables tokenization and ensures PCI compliance.

NMI Pricing:

NMI doesn’t openly mention its price on its website, but since it doesn’t work with merchants directly, working with its reseller and ISOs can impact the price for the merchant which he has to pay ultimately.

On the other hand Stax doesn’t work with any third party, company or agents.

NMI: Pros and Cons

Best part about NMI’s is its wide variety of options, add-ons and customizable features.
It also supports multiple payment methods including online, mobile, in-store etc.
The other side of the coin is, as it doesn’t work mainly with merchants, so there aren’t many customers reviews available online. Besides, the company works with ISOs and resellers, which generally doesn’t disclose the price and fees and quote higher fees instead, which brings down the name and reputation of NMI towards the ground.

Customer Support:

NMI like its payment feature also have variety when it comes to helping its customers.
They provide telephonic customer support, they also provide ticket based customer support on its website.
They have an extensive knowledge base documentation for most scenarios, which helps customer to help themselves in time of need and not reaching out to the customer care, hence saving their time.

Hence overall, NMI payments gateway is a go to portal for the ISOs and resellers dues to its various features and attractive payment mode.

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