Merchant Account Reseller: Digitize Your Business Payments

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Merchant Account Reseller

Businesses have several reasons to look for a merchant account reseller. A retailer in a high-risk business needs guided assistance to secure a merchant account. The role of Independent Sales Organizations has revolutionized the face of the offline and online retailing sectors. What has changed in the payment processing sector? An ISO franchise or individual acts as a reckoning force between banks and merchants. They introduce the merchants to a world of payments where they can accept credit and debit cards and ACH payments. They make the transition from offline payments to online payments seamless. Merchants can only look back and wonder why they didn’t try it earlier. ISO agents have popularized digital payments among traditional business owners. They have helped the cause of offline businesses. Do we need to tell more?

The popularity of PayPal merchant account helps businesses shed doubts and disbelief about online payments. They may have concerns, but they entrust PayPal with bank details. Technology advancements and exposure to online payments made the work of ISO agents easier. They have the backing of PayPal and other popular Payment Service Providers (PSPs) to present their cases. Everything points towards having a lucrative career in becoming an ISO agent.

A high-risk merchant account is another problem area. Merchants don’t know how to find the best service. And they don’t want to make the silly mistake of selecting a service provider in desperation. They know the pitfalls of working in a high-risk domain.

Merchant Account Reseller: Never Cut ISOs

Why deal with someone like an ISO franchise or agent? Business owners can approach the bank and secure an even deal, if not better. You shouldn’t make the mistake of overlooking an ISO agent and contacting the bank directly. The gap between you and a bank has not shortened drastically. The bottom line is you cannot negotiate with the bank. And you know that well. 

Independent Sales Organizations: A Strategic Investment

A merchant account reseller offers better rates, technical support, and customized packages. Banks may sound like a superior option to trade with, but ISO agents provide better value. ISOs have a larger network of acquiring banks, payment processing specialists, and hardware manufacturers. They bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to set up credit card processing effortlessly. You can bank upon their industry experience to quote the best pricing. 

ISOs: Personalized Support System

Businesses accepting credit cards and other types of payments need dedicated support. A merchant account reseller works as an extended team. They address payment and technology-related issues in the first attempt. 

Small businesses accepting credit card payments weren’t about technology or sales. There was more to it. ISOs took away the hassle and technical know-how and managed the infrastructure behind the scenes. Businesses never felt they were under-equipped to accept payments or resolve technical queries. Things would have been different had ISOs not played a vital role in convincing and winning over businesses.    

Merchant Account Reseller: How to Team Up with the Best

You have decided to work with an ISO keeping your business interests at heart. How do you select a top merchant account reseller? 

Offline or Online System Requirements 

Offline retailers should put their business requirements upfront. Check if they can integrate with the existing system you use. It would also indicate their technological prowess. You should clear any doubts about software and hardware. In the case of online retailers, you should inquire about top e-commerce payment gateways. A PayPal merchant account comes to our mind right away. 

Types of Payments and Recurring Billing

Expect credit card, ACH transfers, and subscription billing from a top merchant account seller. Recurring billing is a must-have feature. You don’t want to disappoint customers showing interest in your products. You can pitch subscription-based selling, knowing you have the required resources.

Transparent Fee Structure

A fair and transparent pricing model goes a long way in establishing trust. Study registration and administration fees. Calculate your overall expenses and compare them with other services. You don’t want to pay extra. Remember, you don’t have to save at the cost of features. Brand reputation comes first.

A merchant account reseller is the best option for businesses looking to digitize their business payments. On the other hand, someone looking to make a career as an ISO agent is looking at an ever-growing industry. 


A merchant account reseller has bridged the gap between businesses and banks. Merchants should approach ISOs to find a customized package. They have the industry knowledge to secure a PayPal merchant account and set up the system. They bring a lot to the table apart from payment processing