Merchant account for car dealership

Electronic merchant services (EMS): Its benefits for car dealerships:

More than just selling automobiles it is necessary for a car dealer to function efficiently, hence customer loyalty development is essential.

Customers who have shown loyalty to your business are more likely to service their new cars with you and to buy more cars from you in the future.

We realise how crucial it is to maintain client satisfaction with our services and goods.

Having a safe, straightforward method to process credit card transactions is the last step in ensuring that consumers are happy with their trips to your dealership when they buy and repair their automobiles there.

The payment processing solutions for auto dealers must make use of the most cutting-edge technology available; which results in, quick, safe and secure customers’ transactions.
Our credit card processing and mobile pay solutions ensure you get the hassle-free transactions you need, whether you’re processing payments for down payments, regular maintenance, accessories, or auto payments.


Merchant accounts: Services

In the automobile sector, you must give clients as many payment options as you can whether buying a new car or getting a service. They are more inclined to spend their money at your vehicle dealership if you provide them more options. We can assist you in maximising your sales possibilities and boosting your revenue, particularly when managing high ticket totals at non-traditional points of service.

Our extensive selection of credit card payment alternatives might be advantageous to automotive businesses and car dealerships with many locations. To help you satisfy your company needs and stay competitive in this fast-paced market, we offer efficient merchant services and products based on our extensive experience in credit card payment solutions.

The exclusive products and services we offer our merchant accounts are:
• Mobile wireless processing
• POS Systems
• Gift and Loyalty Cards
• Check Processing
• Website Design
• Small Business Loans
• Pin debit card processing
• Processing software
• Electronic check and ACH processing
• Acceptance of major credit cards and signature debit cards
• POS Integration

We’re certain you’ll enjoy working with EMS because of our distinctive services, affordable prices, and committed customer service team.

Vehicle Transaction Safeguarding: Our objective

Around 200,000 credit card transactions are processed at car dealerships each month, therefore safety and security are crucial to your company’s success.
The confidence that their personal information is safe and secure with your payment processing system is something that every customer wants to feel when they swipe or dip their credit card at your business.
We are dedicated to the monetary security of the patrons of our merchants and take the protection of cardholder information from fraud with extremely seriousness.
You can reassure your customers that their payments are completed securely with our products.

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