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Host Merchant Services

What would you call a high-risk merchant service having almost no negative comments? Wow. Host Merchant Services has a ‘Service-first’ approach, and it becomes evident in the company’s dealings with its clients. Merchants have a vast scope to find a tailor-cut account with them. The team claims they’ll be your first or last choice. A first rundown of Host Merchant Services Reviews, and you gather critical information.

  1. Upfront Pricing Approach 
  2. No-Compromise Customer Service
  3. Rating ‘A’ (Better Business Bureau), 4.7 stars (25 reviews)

These are exceptional points to consider when selecting a high-risk merchant account. They deal in merchant accounts and high-risk merchant accounts. Merchants might rub their eyes in disbelief reading this. In a domain where hidden fees and jargon-filled terms mar contact agreements, you have a Host merchant services account provider vying for your vote on transparency.

The home page makes a bold statement: The customer support network is 4x that of our sales team. Do you see where their properties lie? Your Merchant Services Rep (YMSR) rates them among the top five services. You should spend time knowing the company, its culture, and customer service. 

The company’s path-breaking approach toward raising awareness and educating on Interchange-Plus pricing deserves applause. They expect the merchants to understand the pricing model. There is no point in having a surprise attack and losing your peace of mind later. They believe in the cause of knowledge. Their mission is: Merchant Satisfaction falls first, and customers will find their mojo as one of several outcomes. 

Some of the interesting points we read and impressions we gathered: 

Humans address your queries with a penchant for emotional intelligence. We pick calls within three rings (95% accuracy). We hate to make you wait or put you on hold. And another crucial statement: Cost assurance. 

Host Merchant Services Reviews: Merchant Satisfaction Comes First

A low or high-risk merchant can expect basic and advanced features to scale their operations. You should know that Host Merchant Services (HMS) teamed up with Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS) to offer high-risk merchant accounts. In the same way, they offer offshore accounts with trusted partnered banks. They provide an interchange-plus model for online and offline businesses. Merchants feel elated learning about the pricing model. They owe their success to HMS and make their admiration known in Host Merchant Services Reviews. Are you looking for customized rates? 

HMS offers top-line hardware for retail professionals. Small businesses stand to win an EVM card terminal (Sales above $20K/month). Don’t lose hope. As a merchant-first company, you can get a better deal on classical or smart terminals from them. We suggest checking the page ‘Credit Card Machines’ in the Services section of their website.  

The company offers an extensive range of everyday and advanced card readers for mobile to manage different types of payments. Host Merchant Services have made great inroads by developing an in-house range of POS systems, ‘Bonsai.’ Merchants may feel it’s another attempt to sell a bundled service. Look at the features, and you’ll be tempted to try it out. Are you from the hospitality sector?  

What you get with the branded Bonsai POS System:

  • Bonsai OS
  • In-built analytics
  • Deep Customization, Cloud-based service
  • Hardware-as-a-service
  • Round-the-clock assistance

All products and services have a unique characteristical appeal- Merchant benefits. Merchants find trust and satisfaction deeply embedded. 

Host Merchant Services Pay is a proprietary payment gateway. It is laced with all the essential features to run a low or high-risk business. Think of ACH transfers, batch, and wireless processing, Recurring billing, and major credit and debit cards. Merchants have the assurance of the lowest rates, advanced security features, and PCI Compliance.

Host Merchant Services Reviews: No Drama Around Fees

Focus on Host Merchant Services Reviews to have accurate information. These content pieces are real-life experiences. Merchants prefer the interchange-plus pricing model. They have no drama or the fear of hidden charges causing sleepless nights. 

Fees Structure

  • Restaurant: 0.20% + $0.9 per transaction
  • Storefront: 0.25% + $0.10 per transaction
  •  E-commerce: 0.35% + $0.10 per transaction

Host Merchants Services has listed the details to stay committed to their corporate philosophy- No hidden fees.

Other Fares:

  • Account Fees: $14:99/month
  • Annual 1099 reporting fee: $24/yearly
  • Gateway fee: $5/month (Optional)

Merchants don’t have to pay anything else to continue using services. Your Merchant Services Rep (YMSR) advises you to check the pricing tab on the website. You’ll learn everything about Host Merchant Services fees. The transparency level hits you hard. You can track every single penny and where it was spent. 

Do you see the light in the lowest transaction rates’ claim? The convincing bit is the absence of hidden fees and expensive charges. What’s left behind are genuine fees. 

Your Merchant Services Rep (YMSR) fortifies the case of low and high-risk merchants. In this review, we tried highlighting the strengths, corporate culture, and working ideology. You should read Host Merchant Services Reviews and then visit the official site to see if they fit into your definition of an ideal merchant service. We want every merchant to have a customized account. It begins with arranging a call with the team. You have a low-risk or high-risk merchant account. You should have the right representative to negotiate the deal. 


Do you check the reviews, ratings, and rates? Host Merchant Services Reviews talks about the domain challenges. You’ll find half-cooked payment solutions and expert services like HMS. How do you make the best investment in your business? You have got the best option in Host Merchant Services. They have maintained the highest customer service standards. Their website is a testament to fair and honest business approach. They preach and practice merchant satisfaction. Call the team to discuss custom rates. You have the assurance of the lowest transaction rates and a compassionate customer support team working toward your success.