Business Credit Cards

A business credit card is not the same thing as a personal credit card.

A business credit card is reported to a different agency and therefore does not appear on your personal credit report.

Businesses can use this type of account to build their business history with the goal of qualifying for an increase in their EIN (Employer Identification Number). However, unlike personal accounts that show up on your reports and affect your score, business cards do not factor into how well you manage money or how much debt you have—they’re just there because they help companies meet certain financial obligations.

Rewards Benefits and Other Perks of Business Credit Cards

Rewards programs are one of the most popular benefits of business credit cards. By allowing you to earn points or miles on purchases, these programs can help you rack up free flights and other travel goodies with your card. Many businesses also offer discounts on services such as hotels and rental cars in order to get customers to use their cards more often. Other perks include:

  • Free online access to banking services (like checking balances)
  • Discounts from local merchants

How to Get a Credit Line Increase on a Business Credit Card?

If you have a business credit card and are not getting the results that you want, there are several things that you can do to get more value out of your business credit card.

  • Call the company and ask them for a credit line increase. 
  • If they don’t offer any other options or services like this, then ask if they will consider increasing your limit if you provide them with evidence of growth in sales or revenue numbers.
  • You may also need to provide proof showing how much money has been spent on advertising campaigns and marketing activities over time as well as records showing what kinds of products/services were sold during each month/year period since opening up shop five years ago; these types of documents could help convince lenders who might otherwise refuse funding requests based solely on anecdotal evidence alone!

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It’s easy to set up your business credit card.

You can apply for a business credit card online. If you’d rather speak to a real person, then call the bank and ask for an appointment at their branch office. Or, if it’s easier for you, head down there yourself!

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If you’re ready to get your business credit card and make it official, it’s time for you to take the first step. We’ve outlined the steps here so that you can get started on your journey to success with a business credit card in no time!