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Credit cards are an important part of any small business. A business credit card can help you build and protect your credit score, keep track of your expenses, and save money on interest. Plus, some Chase business credit cards offer great rewards programs that make them even more valuable to small businesses like yours.

A business credit card is a good way to get what you need to help your small business grow.

A business credit card is a great way to get what you need. You can use the card at stores and restaurants, as well as in your small business. The best part is that it’s safer than cash because there are no checks or wire transfers involved!

Businesses that have insurance policies may not be able to use their insurance coverage when making purchases with a credit card (for example, if they paid in full upfront). If this happens and something goes wrong with your purchase or service, then your policy won’t cover it—with many small businesses having only limited coverage anyway.

Some small business loans require a personal guarantee, but a business credit card does not.

A business credit card can be a good way to get what you need, even if it’s not for the purpose of paying off your company’s debt. The reason: some small business loans require a personal guarantee, but not all do.

The right credit card can help you save on interest.

Business credit cards can help you save on interest. While business credit cards have lower limits and no annual fee, they’re not subject to the same interest rate caps as personal credit cards—meaning if your business takes a hit in the event of an economic downturn, it will be harder for you to manage debt. Businesses that want to use their card for personal purchases should consider getting a business-specific card instead.

Having a business credit card helps build business credit.

Having a business credit card helps build business credit. Businesses are expected to have a certain amount of cash on hand at all times, but you can use your credit card for expenses that come up during the day. When you pay using plastic and make payments on time each month, it’s like having cash in your pocket 24/7!

This will also help you build your own personal capital by saving money with rewards programs like Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card – Personal or getting better rates on loans because more people are willing to lend money knowing there will be no late fees or penalties if they don’t get paid right away (because most customers would rather pay their balance off than incur extra interest charges).

A business credit card can simplify bookkeeping and accounting.

  • Payroll: A business credit card can help you automate your payroll and make it less time-consuming.
  • Business expenses: If you’re using a cash flow management system to track expenses, then having a business credit card will make it easier for everyone to understand where all the money is going.
  • Business travel: Using a rewards program like Amex Travel Rewards or Chase Sapphire Preferred earns points that can be used toward travel expense reimbursements or upgrades at hotels or airlines. You may also want to consider booking flights with points instead of cash if they’re available (and they often are). This will allow members who don’t have access to frequent flyer miles on their personal accounts yet still want access through their credit cards since many airlines offer this option now too!

Business credit cards are safer than cash or checks.

Business credit cards are safer than cash or checks.

You can use your business credit card to make purchases online, in person, and over the phone. You can also use it to pay bills and transfer money between accounts. This means that you don’t have to worry about losing track of what’s been spent on your personal charges if you accidentally leave them at home when heading out for lunch with clients or conducting an important meeting with suppliers.

A business credit card with the right rewards program can help you save money while getting the things you need for your small business to grow.

One of the best rewards cards for your small business is Chase’s Ink Business Preferred Credit Card. It offers a sign-up bonus worth $500 and then gives you 1X points on all purchases throughout the year up to $150,000 spent annually.

Business credit cards make sense for many small businesses, especially when it gives you access to all of the Chase Ultimate Rewards benefits.

For many small businesses, credit cards are an essential tool for helping their owners get access to the things they need. When you use a business credit card, it can help your business save money on everything from payroll processing and insurance premiums to technology upgrades and office supplies.

Chase Ultimate Rewards is one of the best rewards programs out there for small businesses because it lets you save even more when using your card. With Chase Ultimate Rewards you can get 1 point for every dollar spent at certain merchants like restaurants and gas stations or 1 point per $1 spent at Amazon Prime Day sales events. These points can be redeemed against travel deals or gift cards — or even cash back!


So whether you need to get a credit card for your business, or you’re thinking about getting one, there are a lot of reasons why it makes sense to use a business credit card. First off, they can save you money on interest. Second, they allow you access to all of Chase’s Ultimate Rewards benefits. Thirdly – if you’re looking for ways to grow your small business and make it more profitable – then a business credit card may be just what you need!