Merchant Account Merchant Account: Build Your Business on a Trusted, World-Class Security Infrastructure.

Inception, High-Risk Industry Makeover, & Visa-Owned Assurance merchant account ticks stability, assurance, and industry backing. The year was 1996. The world was witnessing the rise of online payments. There was excitement and a welcoming kind of hope. Merchants and the public, in general, expected the dawn of a new system. The concept of stabilizing and systemizing high-risk industries saw incorporated. Visa acquired it in 2002. Since then, it has become a go-to option for low and high-risk businesses. Have you checked yet?

Is a payment gateway? Or it offers a merchant account too?
Let’s expand our knowledge of one of the trusted and leading brands in payment solutions.

For the uninitiated, an merchant account is a service that lets you accept payments on your website or app by connecting to your bank account. You don't need to worry about the technical aspects of setting up a payment gateway or building out a checkout page—all you have to do is signup for an account and get started accepting payments!</p>
<p>The good news is that there are no fees involved in using our platform. However, if you want more features like recurring billing and assisted refunds (which we'll explain below), then there may be some costs associated with those features.

What is merchant account has become a home for businesses, especially high-risk ones. Merchants can opt for its payment gateway to accept all types of payments. The company also provides an All-in-One gateway (Including a merchant account).

Merchants shopping for a unified system to run operations and manage things flawlessly may consider looking for an All-in-One option. does not provide a merchant account. It has listed several payment processors to sign up or set you up with. You can scout the best one. There are two options: Sign up directly with the merchant account of your choice and bundle it up with the payment gateway or ask to have a merchant account for you.

A word of advice: Businesses should select their payment processor and associate the payment gateway services with it. It proves economical and offers convenience. First-time entrepreneurs may benefit from an All-in-One service. They have a steep learning curve ahead, and it’s better to simplify things as much as possible. A low-volume business entity should consider it too.


5 Reasons Why Make Home to Payment Solutions

Here are 5 easy steps to sign up for an merchant account:

High-risk businesses need a payment gateway and payment processor to accept payments. Where should I begin? Your Merchant Services Rep (YMSR) confirms learning the dynamics of payment gateways and payment processing services. With, you have the opportunity to find both in one place. Or partner with two on the same platform.

Technical Know-How

Payment Gateway and Merchant Account: Appeal to Audiences accepts all types of payments with advanced security measures assuring smooth operations. Be a part of a new sales wave: Recurring billing. Have the trust and reliability of eChecks to serve audiences in an old-fashioned way. 

Merchants, like customers, prefer the diversity aspect. Traditionally, they have been working with two service providers. The trend set by Payment Service Providers (PSPs) brought a drastic shift. They offer all services in a single account. Can high-risk businesses adopt a similar approach? High risk merchant accounts are set up in a different way. The high-risk industry isn’t suited to having a single provider (We say it based on the current situation). 

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If you look at PSPs, they don’t provide an independent merchant account. It is not a full-blown merchant account, by definition.  

In the same way, payment gateways and payment processing services have a different set of responsibilities. supports high risk merchants by listing top payment processors to select and sign up with. It offers a flat-rate pricing model. Convinced? Businesses having above $500,00 in annual sales are eligible for custom pricing and interchange-plus rates. Are you convinced now?

Keep it Simple & Effective

Check the list of payment processors, browse, and sign up with it outside. Use as your payment gateway provider. You may get a better deal at both ends. 

Services & Features

Virtual Terminals, Mobile Payments, & Recurring Billing offers free browser-based Virtual Terminals (VPOS). The service is a part of the package, however, businesses need to invest in card readers (BBPOS Chipper 2X card reader, the ID Tech Augusta, Anywhere Commerce). Check the latest market price to get the best deals. You should know that VPOS supports Windows-based systems and tablets to run the operations. There is a catch. Never take your eyes off the agreement document.

Merchants have access to Android and iOS apps to accept mobile payments anywhere. The industry-wide story is you have access to software with top service providers, and the question is about which one offers affordable devices to make the payments go through. 

High-risk merchants shouldn’t feel deprived of features for running a business. Offer subscription-based products and services to your audiences. Run free trials, and manage pricing and EMIs from the dashboard. scores impressively high on customization. Merchants can elevate the checkout experience. Install HTML code to your website with Simple Checkout and add Donate and Buy Now buttons for customer convenience. 

Streamline Management Operations:

Customer Information Manager and Advanced Fraud Detection Suite

High-risk merchants wish to run operations at the level of low-risk businesses. Your Merchant Services Rep (YMSR) advises visiting the official company site and checking Customer Information Manager (CIM). 

What benefits do you see CIM making to improve customer engagement on the site?

  • Convenience-led shopping experience (No repeated card details to enter)
  • Security assurance and peace of mind
  • Personalized recommendations
How to set up and update details in Customer Information Manager?
  1. Use your credentials for the login
  2. Select the ‘Customer Information Manager’ tab on the Home screen
  3. Sign up for it.

(Remember, there are separate credentials for the test credit card). 

CIM offers exceptional ease to manage things at the consumer end and the backends. High-risk merchant account comes packed with Advanced Fraud Detection Suite (AFDS). Fraudulent activities and consequentially high chargebacks wreck the brand’s reputation. High-risk merchant accounts are the prime targets and need dedicated features to overcome them. merchant account offers 13 advanced filters to customize to your business requirements. Shut the fraudsters down and claim your reputation and hard-earned customer reviews. Stop the suspicious or dicey transactions from happening and stop wasting time decoding what went wrong. The outcome is you have positive reviews and revenue to build upon. 

Check the list of features to add optional ones to your store. eChecks and ACH Payments make a value-based addition. Merchants can opt for exclusive ACH-only payments. 

Fees & Pricing Models

Choose How You Want to Sign Up

Merchants need to make a strategic decision. merchant account fees model depends on how and where you sign-up for the services. Merchants opting for payment gateway through a payment processor have different fees. Signing up for the services through has a standard fee structure. Remember, merchant account services offer discounts and lower credit card processing rates in comparison. Do the research and weigh up your options. Don’t run after short-term goals. Read the fees section to have an overall understanding of how things work.

Merchant Account and Payment Gateway (All-in-One)

Gateway Fee: $25/monthly

Processing Fee: 2.9% + $0.30/transaction

Payment Gateway (Standalone)

Gateway fee: $25/monthly

Processing fee: $0.10/transaction

Other Information:

Processing fee (ACH, e-Check): $0.75/transaction

International payments: 1.5% (Additional costs)

Chargebacks: $25/per case

Read the Contract and Confirm

Check the Terms and Conditions of Payment Processors in Particular

Merchants have two fronts to encounter. If you go for an All-in-One package, you need to check the terms and conditions of both services. merchant account has month-on contracts with no termination fee attached to it. Does it hold for merchant accounts too? sets your merchant account with service providers from the industry. You must read their documents with attention. Things could get complicated in no time.

Merchants can avoid the complex part by selecting a merchant account outside And use an payment gateway to set up digital payments for their store. Merchants have better negotiation powers to discount rates and avail of other benefits with merchant account service providers. 


Your Merchant Services Rep (YMSR) concurs that offers more flexibility than other top-rated payment gateways. Pair the merchant account with a payment processor of your choice. You have more reasons to work with two different services to maximize the potential and outreach. Visit the official site and decide which business model suits you the best. 

Set up your merchant account

The first step is to create a merchant account. You will need to add your bank accounts, credit cards, and sales tax rates.

Once you have created your merchant account, it’s time to get started with the authorization process!

You can use the payment gateway to accept payments from customers in the US and Canada. Payment Gateway

The payment gateway is one of several options you have when it comes to processing credit card transactions on your website or mobile app. If you want to accept credit cards, then this is a good option for you since it will allow you to do so easily without having to worry about coding anything yourself or anything else like that!

Give people the ability to make payments online easily by setting up an merchant account.

Setting up an merchant account is important because it gives you the ability to accept payments online easily, without having to worry about business credit card transactions or other complicated processes. With this merchant account, you can set up recurring payments and recurring billing agreements so that customers don’t need to remember their payment information every time they make a purchase. You’ll also be able to create customized checkout forms on your site for visitors who want more information about how much tax will be added to their purchase before making it through checkout. It means it easier for them to complete their orders!


I hope this article has helped you to learn about how to get started with an merchant account. If you’re interested in learning more about how this all works, I would recommend checking out our website.