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Archive for September, 2011

I was recently talking with a  dentist who said, “you know Clark, I’ve got a good rate.” I asked, “What’s your rate?” He said 1.34%. I said, you’re with Costco aren’t you? Dentist: “How’d you know? Me: “Because that’s what they advertise.  Do you have a statement handy though?” The merchant got out a recent statement and I explained to him that while Costco advertises 1.34%, he only get’s that  [ Read More ]

Have you called your Merchant Services Customer Support lately? Been on-hold? Still on-hold? Tried to understand the person you’re talking to? Can you say “outsourcing.” I know it’s a little gimmicky, but often when I’m talking with a prospective client I find who their current processor is and ask if we can call them real quick using the merchants phone.  I put that on speaker and let the music start  [ Read More ]

There’s only one number that matters.  When I’m talking to merchants I always hear people say, “I’ve got a good rate.” In reality, most processors are actually charging several different rates.  And then on top of the “rates” there are transaction cost, monthly fees, annual fees, PCI fees…. even statement fees!  (Yes, they are actually charging you $10 a month just to mail your statement). Here’s what I always say.   [ Read More ]

I hear all the time how merchants are processing through their Point of Sale (POS) Software.  Many POS systems have a default processor for credit card transactions. That doesn’t mean you can’t switch processors. If you have a PC, it likely came with Internet Explorer as a pre-set internet browser.  That does not mean you can’t download and use FireFox as your Internet browser. I have a Mac.  It came  [ Read More ]