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Archive for August, 2011

When I first started as a merchant services rep I would have said ABSOLUTELY NOT! But PayPal is good for some things. If you’re a serious merchant the answer is almost certainly no. I have a PayPal account because it’s an easy option that everyone is familiar with which allows me to collect a very small number of payments. But if credit card payments represent a significant amount of your  [ Read More ]

I hear merchants agonize over whether they should run a transaction as credit or debit.  Their processor has different transaction costs on credit transactions vs. debit transactions. I often see processors who charge 20 cents on credit transactions who are charging as much as 75 cents on debit transactions. I keep it simple for my clients.  It ALWAYS better to run a transaction as a debit. The rate of every  [ Read More ]

Switching credit card processing companies is a breeze.  I’m not just saying that because it’s my business and I’m trying to sell you something.  Let me show you how easy it is: We have a quick conversation about your business: clientele, how you process (card swiped, keyed-entry, mobile payments, online, etc). If you’re already processing I’ll review some of your past statements from your current merchant services provider to see  [ Read More ]

Do you even know your merchant services rep?

Posted by Clark on August - 9 - 2011 0 Comment

Whenever I talk to a business owner I no longer ask, “who’s your merchant services provider?” I ask, “Who’s your rep?” A rep takes care of his accounts.  He makes sure his accounts are up to date, are not getting hit with unnecessary fees, and is a familiar face his merchant clients become familiar with. As a rep, I review all of my accounts every six months to make sure  [ Read More ]

Who does your merchant services rep work for?

Posted by Clark on August - 2 - 2011 0 Comment

If there’s one recurring theme I hear from business owners when it comes to credit card processing it’s that credit card processing is a mystery.  Fees are deducted.  They get statements and they file them away. The whole thing is a mystery.  And the reason it’s a mystery is that most processing companies intentionally make it that way.  They want merchants confused and overwhelmed by the process. Here’s what I  [ Read More ]