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The $500 Guarantee

Posted by Clark on September - 30 - 2010

My company guarantees that we’ll be able to save you money on your credit card processing fees.  If we can’t, we’ll give you $500.  I know it’s a little gimmicky.  But we know your time is valuable.  So if we can’t help you then we’ll compensate you for the time you spent.

I’ll admit, I once got a set of statements from a potential client.  We went over the statements with a fine-tooth comb.  And in the end I had to go back to the merchant and told him, “I have good news and bad news for you.  The good news: You’re on a great program!  You have great pricing!  The bad news: I can’t save you any money.  I can match it.  But I can’t save you any money.”

The merchant switched.  He said he appreciated me being a straight shooter.  And all things being equal he’d rather do business with someone standing in his store.

I’ve saved my clients as much as 45 percent.  But if I can’t I’ll give you a check for $500.  That’s our guarantee.

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